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Unfortunately, due to national shortage of Hepatitis A, we are currently out of stock and unable to offer this vaccine during consultations with the nurses if indicated. The nurses are still able to provide travel advice and/or other vaccines as required.


If you are still due your flu jab, please contact us to arrange a booking for this to be administered.

*more information regarding eligibility, at-risk groups and the flu jab can be found by clicking here


Have cold, cough or flu related symptoms?

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Childrens Nasal Flu Spray – Who will give the children’s flu vaccination

Children aged two and three will be given the vaccination at their general practice, usually by the practice nurse.

Children who are 4 years old are also eligible for flu vaccination provided they were 3 on 31 August 2017. These children will be offered the vaccination at the practice.

Children in reception class and school years one, two, three and four will be offered their vaccination in school.

Children who are home educated will also be offered the vaccine, provided they are in an eligible school age group. Parents can obtain information about arrangements from their local NHS England Public Health Commissioning team.

Children at higher risk from flu

Children aged 2 to 17 with long-term health conditions are at higher risk from flu.

It’s especially important that they are vaccinated with the annual flu nasal spray instead of the annual flu jab, which they were previously given.